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Maine Bobcat taken with Hounds


Bobcat Hunting


 This is very rare, 2 Bobcats treed by the hounds together!


Can you see the two treed Bobcats better here?


Bobcat closeup



Maine Bobcat Hunting

Maine Bobcat Hunting with Hounds

Maine Bobcat Hunting with hounds. A more challenging or rewarding hunt is hard to find. The Maine Bobcat is a rarely seen, reclusive and powerful Maine predator. A true trophy animal testing the skill and endurance of both hounds and hunters alike.

Your Bobcat hunt starts early morning searching for fresh bobcat tracks in the snow. When a track is found and determined to be of a mature bobcat, 1-3 well trained bobcat hounds are then set out in pursuit of your trophy. Not much compares to the silence of the snow covered Maine woods being broken by the bawls and cry's of bobcat hounds hot on the trail of a fleeing bobcat.

If any one says Bobcat hunting with hounds is easy, they've never done it! The Maine Bobcat is a longwinded, cunning feline that will usually out smart your average hound. Of course it involves some luck, but without well trained, seasoned Bobcat hounds your success rate will be poor. We are Houndsmen first and foremost. We run our own kennel and hunt most every day in the season keeping our hounds well trained and in shape for your hunt.

A shotgun is recommended as at times the hunter may only be offered a shot as the bobcat runs and circles ahead of the hounds. Other times when the hounds have put enough pressure on the bobcat it may climb a tree or stop and stand its ground.

We may hunt using 4 wheel-drive vehicles, snowmobiles, and/or snowshoes. Your bobcat hunting success depends allot on the weather and snow conditions. Although the Downeast area of Maine boasts the best bobcat population in the state, we may travel to find suitable conditions if needed.

Maine Bobcat hunting season currently runs from December 1 through February 14.

Bobcat hunts are for 6 days (no sunday hunting by law). If snow conditions are poor statewide, you will be rescheduled. All meals and lodging inclusive. Airport pickup and return to Bangor can also be arranged.

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required when booking your hunt with the remaining balance due upon arrival. No checks for remaining balance.

6 day Bobcat with hounds hunt: $1500.00







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