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Bear Hunt Special:
Bait hunt gets 10% discount for party of 4 or more. Hound hunts max of 2 hunters/week with $200 discount if 2 hunters book.


Bear Hunters at Camp

Lobster at Camp

Front of the house

Lobster and Corn

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Trophy 500lbs+ Black Bear taken on a hound hunt here at Downeast-Outfitters

Located less than one mile from Downeast Maine's rugged coastline, and less than 50 miles from New Brunswick, Canada. Downeast-Outfitters offers a unique opportunity to experience Maine's remote inland forests and famous coast all in one trip.

Whether you prefer to hunt Maine Black Bear, Bobcat, Moose, Snowshoe Hare, or fish the almost endless amount of waterways. You can be assured we will do our best to see you have an enjoyable and successful trip. We bring over 20 years experience guiding sportsmen and women here in the Maine wilderness.

Maine Bear hunting whether over bait or hounds is our most popular hunt. Our success rates are high as we have a dense bear population and know how to find them. Our primary hunting areas are in the heart of Maine's wild blueberry barrens. Having this rich, abundant food source helps attract and enable a thriving and healthy population of game animals with many trophy's coming from this region each year.

All of our hunts include meals and lodging. You should find our camp comfortable and clean. All you need to bring is appropriate clothing, legal weapon of your choice, and a valid Maine hunting or fishing license. Licenses can be purchased here in town or conveniently online at

We work hard scouting and preparing for each season to provide you with a quality stay and memorable hunt and it shows. Many of our hunters come back year after year even after taking their trophy and that says allot.

Have something else in mind? We also can guide you for Upland bird (Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock), Ducks (puddle, diver and sea ducks), Whitetail deer, Coyote and more. References available upon request.

Bear on Bait

Get some Lobsta!

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